Federal Bank FD Calculator

Federal Bank Limited is a well-known commercial bank in India’s private sector, boasting around 1200 branches and 1900 ATMs/Recyclers nationwide. Federal Bank offers diverse fixed deposit programs for ordinary customers and senior citizens, aiding in achieving various financial goals with an accessible FD calculator on its website. Customers can use a Federal Bank FD calculator to estimate the interest earned and make informed investment decisions.


Federal Bank Fixed Deposit Calculator

A Federal Bank FD interest rates Calculator is an easy-to-use online tool designed to estimate the potential returns from investing in a Fixed Deposit with Federal Bank. This calculator requires essential inputs such as the investment amount, desired target amount, investment duration, and the applicable interest rate. By providing this information, users can make informed financial decisions.

It’s important to note that the Federal Bank FD rates Calculator offers only an estimate and does not guarantee specific returns. The actual returns may vary, and the exact maturity amount will only be known after making the FD investment with Federal Bank. Therefore, while the calculator serves as a valuable aid for financial planning, it should not be solely relied upon for making investment decisions.

How Does the Federal Bank Fixed Deposit Calculator Work?

To determine the maturity amount for your FD, you can follow these straightforward steps:

  • Enter the amount you wish to deposit in the “Total Investment” box.
  • Adjust the purple slider or enter the number of years in the provided box to select your desired tenure.
  • Enter the FD interest rate.
  • The calculator will display your “Estimated Return” and the “Total Value” you will receive from your FD investment with Federal Bank.

The Fixed Deposit interest rate can be calculated using either simple interest or compound interest:

For compound interest, the formula is as follows:

A = P(1+r/n)^n x t.

This formula incorporates the following variables:

  • A: Total maturity amount
  • t: Maturity period or deposit tenure
  • r: The interest rate of the Federal Bank fixed deposit
  • P: Total invested amount
  • n: Number of interest compounding periods (e.g., n = 4 for quarterly compounding, n = 2 for half-yearly compounding).

Advantages of Utilising the Federal Bank FD Calculator

There are several advantages to utilising the Federal Bank FD interest Calculator:

  • Quick and Informed Investment Decisions: The Federal Bank FD interest rates calculator allows for rapidly estimating potential returns, enabling well-informed investment choices.
  • Understanding Factors Impacting Returns: The interest amount from a Federal Bank FD investment depends on various factors like tenure, interest rate, compounding frequency, and investment amount.
  • Easy Comparison of Different Deposits: With numerous fixed deposit options offered by various banks and NBFCs, the Federal Bank FD interest calculator simplifies comparing maturity amounts from different institutions.
  • Evaluating against Other Investments: Federal Bank FD Calculator facilitates comparing the results with other investment options.
  • Two Flexible Approaches: The Federal Bank FD interest rates calculator accommodates two approaches the investment amount approach for individuals with a fixed investment amount in mind and the target amount approach for those with a specific accumulation goal.
  • Enhanced Visual Representations: With the Federal Bank FD calculator, investors can access comprehensive graphical and tabular displays. These representations offer a clear view of the opening balance, interest earned, and closing balance for each year of their FD tenure. Such visual aids enable easy FD balance tracking following every interest payout, ensuring a hassle-free monitoring experience.

Calculating Interest on Federal Bank FD

The Federal Bank employs two distinct methods for calculating FD interest: simple interest and compound interest.

Simple Interest on Fixed Deposit

Simple interest is calculated based on the principal amount, the interest rate, and the tenure of the FD.

The formula for simple interest is

Simple Interest = (P * R * T) / 100


T = Tenure of the Federal Bank FD (in years)

Compound Interest on Fixed Deposit

In compound interest, the interest earned in each compounding period is added to the principal, and subsequent interest is calculated on the new principal amount.

The formula for compound interest is a bit more complex:

Maturity Value = P * (1 + (R / n))^(n * T)


  • P = Principal amount (initial investment)
  • R = Interest rate of Federal Bank FD (%)
  • T = Tenure of the Federal Bank FD (in years)
  • n = Number of times the interest is compounded per year


In conclusion, the FD calculator Federal Bank is a valuable tool for individuals looking to make informed investment decisions. Customers can use this user-friendly online calculator to estimate the potential returns from investing in a Fixed Deposit with Federal Bank. However, it’s important to note that the calculator provides an estimate and does not guarantee specific returns, as the actual maturity amount will only be known after making the FD investment.

Federal Bank FD Calculator : FAQs

Can individuals obtain loans against the Federal Bank's FD scheme?

Yes, they can apply for a loan amounting to a maximum of 90% of the funds in their FD account.

What minimum amount is required to open a Fixed Deposit account with Federal Bank?

To initiate a Fixed Deposit account with Federal Bank, you will need a minimum deposit of Rs.1,000.

Does the Federal Bank allow customers to include nominees when opening an FD account?

Yes, Federal Bank allows adding nominees to your FD scheme.

Is there a cap on the maximum deposit allowed in the FD account?

No, there is absolutely no limit to the maximum deposit that can be made in the FD account.

Can depositors withdraw their deposits early from the Federal Bank?

Yes, depositors can withdraw their deposits prematurely from the Federal Bank. However, it is essential to note that there is a penalty of 1% on the contracted interest rate for early withdrawal. The Federal Bank's policies determine the specific terms and conditions for premature withdrawal, which may vary.