IOB FD calculator

IOB or Indian Overseas Bank FD online calculator helps calculate the interest you’ll get for the money you saved as a fixed deposit in an IOB branch. You can also receive details regarding your investment with the IOB FD calculator. This investment is the principal amount on maturity after the interest is compounded on days or a quarterly, monthly, yearly, and half-yearly basis.


About IOB FD Calculator

The IOB FD calculator lets users calculate their potential earnings from a fixed deposit from Indian Overseas Bank. This online calculator also permits them to input various parameters like the investment amount, tenure, interest rate, payout frequency, etc. After that, it lets them reliably calculate the earnings over the period of deposit.
With the IOB FD rates calculator, you can compare various options and select the fixed deposit suitable to support your financial goals. Hence, the IOB FD calculator is a great resource for increasing your savings and earning an unfailing return on investment.

How Does the IOB Bank FD Calculator Work?

One can easily determine their maturity amount by using the online IOB FD interest calculator.

Calculating fixed deposit maturity can be a little difficult. The reason for this might be the complexity of the variables involved. If you want to make an informed decision, you can use the online IOB FD calculator to handle all the tasks. With this, you can get accurate results in just a few clicks.

The calculator utilizes updated interest rates and relevant details to give reliable, accurate results. It can work on almost every device; you can use it at any point, depending on your choice.

You must also follow a certain formula to calculate the FD profitability with an online FD calculator. The formula is as follows:

A = P(1+r/n)^nt


  • A is the maturity amount
  • P is the principal amount
  • t is the tenure
  • r is the interest rate
  • n is the frequency at which interest will be compounded in a year.

Benefits of Indian Overseas Bank FD Calculator

Here are some of the key benefits of using an Indian Overseas Bank online FD calculator:

  • Accurate and quick calculation for free: This calculator has the ability to give the answers you are seeking in seconds. You can obtain the maturity amounts for scores of various FD schemes in no time. No matter how frequently you use it, it gives you an error-free number. You may not get such a benefit if you have done the calculations manually. There are no charges at any point, and it is accessible to all.
  • Save time: You can estimate the maturity amount of the FD without any manual calculation or research with an FD calculator. It is quick and easy to use. Therefore, the online IOB FD interest rates 2023 calculator can save you time.
  • Future readiness: As an investor, you can make shrewder investment decisions if you know the investment’s anticipated maturity and interest rate. With this, you can help in achieving the investment objective.
  • Comparison: Interest rates vary from bank to bank. With the online IOB bank FD calculator, one can comprehend the maturity amount obtained from a specified return rate. Thus, selecting a better investment alternative on the basis of future objectives is possible, too.
  • Track your progress: It is simple to track your progress and monitor your returns over time with the FD calculator’s clear and brief outline of your investment.
  • Various approaches: The user can do the analysis with 2 distinct approaches. The first is an initial investment amount approach, and the second is the target amount approach. The investment amount approach helps invest the right amount for the desired term. On the other hand, the target amount approach helps in evaluating the amount of funds you need to invest to earn the desired profit later on.

How to Use IOB FD Calculator

It is not at all complex to use the FD interest calculator IOB. Just adhere to the following:
Enter the principal amount along with the interest rate and tenure. After entering these details, the calculator will calculate the maturity amount automatically. The maturity amount is the entire amount you’ll obtain after the completion of tenure. This also includes the interest earned.


The IOB FD calculator is an easy-to-use tool that assists in calculating the returns from an Indian Overseas Bank fixed deposit. It even estimates the profit earned and maturity amount the investor can obtain from their investment. IOB FD calculator is a beneficial tool available online for free. You can use it multiple times to calculate returns from the fixed deposit. All it takes is the investment amount, interest rate, tenure, and compounding frequency.

IOB Bank FD Calculator : FAQs

How can we invest in IOB Bank fixed deposits?

Visit any particular IOB branch to begin opening a fixed deposit account. You must present a duly filled application form and all necessary KYC documents. Also, submit the required cheque or demand draft for the amount to be deposited.

What minimum amount can we invest in an IOB bank fixed deposit?

The minimum fixed deposit investment in an IOB bank is 1000 INR.

How much can be the minimum tenure of your FD?

The minimum tenure of the fixed deposit can be anywhere around weekdays and some years. The maturity period for a short-term FD can be anywhere from a week to a year.

Is there any penalty for withdrawing the IOB bank FD before maturity?

The short answer is yes. You need to pay a fixed amount to the bank as a penalty if you withdraw the bank FD prematurely.

What is the maximum rate of interest offered by IOB Bank on an FD?

For a regular investor, 6.10 percent is the maximum interest rate for IOB bank FD.