ICICI Bank FD Calculator

ICICI Bank, a prominent private sector bank in India, caters to diverse customers, including retail, corporate, and SME clients. ICICI Bank presents various fixed deposit options with different tenures. These FDs offer higher interest rates than regular savings accounts, making them attractive. The ICICI FD calculator allows customers to evaluate the potential returns on their investments quickly.


ICICI Fixed Deposit Calculator

The ICICI Bank FD Calculator is a user-friendly tool designed to help individuals predict potential returns from investing in an ICICI Fixed Deposit. Users can estimate the wealth gained and the maturity amount they might receive by entering specific inputs such as the investment amount, tenure, interest rate, and compounding frequency.

It clearly represents how the investment grows over the selected tenure through tabular and graphical formats. However, it’s essential to understand that the ICICI Bank FD interest calculator only estimates potential earnings based on the provided inputs; it does not guarantee any returns.

This convenient online tool is freely available and can be used multiple times to evaluate the projected outcomes of an ICICI FD investment

How Can the ICICI FD Calculator Benefit You?

The ICICI Fixed Deposit Calculator offers several advantages, including:
  • Time and Energy Savings: By using the calculator, you can avoid the complexities of fluctuating interest rates and quickly determine the potential returns on your investment.
  • Accurate Maturity Amount and Accrued Interest: The calculator provides precise calculations for both the maturity amount and the accrued interest, ensuring you have a clear picture of your earnings.
  • Improved Investment Comparison: With the calculator’s assistance, you can easily compare the returns of short-term and long-term investments, helping you make informed financial decisions.

ICICI Bank Fixed Deposit Calculator Formula

When considering a fixed deposit with ICICI Bank, it is essential to calculate the maturity amount accurately to make informed investment decisions. The ICICI Bank fixed deposit calculator employs a straightforward formula to determine the maturity amount, considering various factors such as the principal amount, annual interest rate, compounding frequency, and the investment term.

The formula used by the ICICI Bank fixed deposit calculator is as follows:

A = P (1 + r/n) ^ n*t

Benefits of ICICI FD Calculator

The ICICI fixed deposit Calculator offers numerous advantages to investors seeking to make informed investment decisions that align with their financial goals. Providing an estimation of the maturity amount from their investment empowers investors to assess whether their objectives will be achieved. Here are the key benefits of using the ICICI FD Interest Rates Calculator:

  • User-friendly: The ICICI FD rates Calculator presents a straightforward interface, ensuring ease of use for investors. With just a few essential inputs, they can obtain accurate output. The calculator’s inclusion of sliders for adjusting tenure and interest rates adds to its versatility, making it suitable for various scenarios.
  • No cost involved: Accessing the ICICI fixed deposit Calculator online incurs no charges, making it a freely available tool for multiple uses.
  • Effective comparison: Investors can leverage the ICICI FD Calculator to compare different scenarios by adjusting variables like interest rate and tenure. This feature assists them in identifying the most suitable approach to achieve their goals. Moreover, it facilitates comparisons between the returns of ICICI FD investments and those of other investment options.
  • Comprehensive report: The ICICI FD interest Calculator generates a downloadable report, offering an in-depth investment analysis, including payout and accumulated wealth.


In conclusion, ICICI Bank Fixed Deposits offer a lucrative investment option with attractive interest rates compared to regular savings accounts. To help customers evaluate their potential returns, ICICI Bank provides a user-friendly and freely accessible tool known as the ICICI FD rate Calculator. Overall, the ICICI FD Calculator is a valuable resource for investors seeking to maximise their earnings and make sound financial decisions.

ICICI Bank FD Calculator : FAQs

Is there a charge for using the ICICI FD calculator?

No, the ICICI FD calculator is free to use.

What does ICICI Bank offer the highest Fixed Deposit rate?

ICICI Bank currently offers its highest FD rate of 5.5% for regular investors for a tenure ranging from 5 years one day to 10 years. However, the FD rate for senior citizens is even more attractive at 6.3% for the same tenure.

Is there a maximum limit for investing in ICICI Bank FD?

No, there is no upper limit for the investment amount in ICICI Bank FD. You can invest any amount above the minimum requirement of INR 10,000.

What are the interest rates for senior citizen fixed deposits in ICICI Bank?

ICICI Bank offers a range of interest rates for senior citizen fixed deposits, varying from 3.5% to 7.6% per annum, depending on the chosen minimum and maximum investment duration.

Is the premature withdrawal facility offered by ICICI available for their Fixed Deposits?

Yes, ICICI Bank does provide a premature withdrawal option for their FDs. However, utilising this facility comes with a penalty deducted from the interest earned. The penalty amount for ICICI Bank FDs typically ranges from 0.5% to 1%. Consequently, if an investor withdraws their FD prematurely, they will receive 0.5% to 1% lower interest on their FD than the original interest rate.

Can one use ICICI Fixed Deposit to get a loan?

Yes, ICICI Bank offers a loan facility against FD accounts. You can borrow up to 90% of the FD amount with an interest rate slightly higher (1-2%) than the interest you earn on your ICICI FD. The FD will act as collateral for the loan, and the loan tenure will match your FD's tenure. Just remember that tax-saving FDs are not eligible for this loan option.